Planning ahead and managing security problems

We know that all businesses face risk—it’s all part of the challenge. But by identifying the risks, and planning ahead, it is possible to reduce the impact that the risks might have on your business, if they happened.

Problems do happen—big and small—and it is important that you know how your business would respond, and are prepared. By practicing for problems, it is much more likely that you’ll manage to get through a real one if you had to. It’s just like fire drills: by practicing, you and your team know what you’d do if it happened for real.

Risk assessment, business continuity planning and disaster recovery

We can help you:

  • to assess the risks that your business faces, and to work out how you could reduce the probability of the risk occurring – or of the impact if it did
  • to assess the business impact of a failure in a system, either on an ad hoc basis when you introduce a new system or as part of an annual review
  • to create a business continuity plan defining how you could you keep your business going in the face of such a problem
  • to practice implementing the business continuity plan, using table-top exercises
  • to manage a security incident
  • to create a disaster recovery plan

Our subscription service

Sign up to our service for £200/month, and we can help you to prepare for the worst. You’ll get 3 hours of expert advice every month, and if you need extra time, we will charge £75/hour—but we’ll always agree this with you first.

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