Security awareness and training

Security training and awareness is essential for every member of staff, so that your team can work together to keep your business as safe as possible. Depending on their role, of course, some people will need more detailed security training.

Whether you need to provide some security awareness training to a new member of staff, or some specific security training to a member of your security team, we can help.

Once you have our subscription service in place (for only £200 a month) we can provide your team with the training that they need:

  • Security induction and general awareness
  • Developing security skills in your team
  • Specific security role training
  • Annual refresher training or as and when required
  • Practising how the team would respond to problems—just like having fire drills.

You’ll get 3 hours of expert advice every month when you sign up; just let us know what help you need, and we’ll be there to support you and your staff.

If you decide that you need more than 3 hours in any month, just let us know. We’ll charge an additional £75/hour, and we’ll always agree that with you in advance.

Contact us to find out more.