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Spoilt for choice at Leeds Digital Festival

There’s a fantastic range of events this year at Leeds Digital Festival, which runs between 20th September and 1st October this year. It’s inclusive and open, and intended for people who work in digital and those who work or play online. That’s pretty much everyone… Here’s our pick of 8 events that you might find interesting, including a few of ...
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Client Case Study: Uralensis Inov8

Overview Uralensis Inov8 develop and provide software solutions aimed at addressing the needs of the pathology sector, built by pathologists for pathology, the 5 modules which can be subscribed to individually, or taken as a whole for a complete digital solution, provide:
  • Online diagnostic reporting app accessed by monthly subscription (Pathub Pro)
  • Pathology LIMS for hospitals, fully integrated to existing infrastructure ...
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remote learning

Cyber Security Tips for Remote School Learning

The resumption of remote learning for most school pupils in the UK raises the threat levels to schools and colleges, by extending the schools network to home networks and devices that may not be built to a specific security standard. The academic community and parents need support to ensure their information is protected. C&P have brought together some of the ...
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scareware - intended to scare you

Beware of Scareware

Scareware is a form of Malware, or Malicious Software and is meant to frighten the recipient into doing something such as installing software or clicking a phishing link. Scareware is a malware tactic that manipulates users into believing they need to download or buy malicious, sometimes useless, software. Most often initiated using a pop-up ad, scareware uses social engineering to ...
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computer security for everyone

National Computer Security Day

C&P celebrate ‘National Computer Security Day’ through top tips and the importance of Cyber Security. It is almost impossible to go through a day without having to access the internet for work or in your personal life, using a device such as; a mobile, tablet or PC, devices like these and the internet is what keeps most people connected and ...
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security training online

Security Awareness Training

The world of IT is a fast-paced environment with continually emerging and more developed technologies arriving in the workplace and at home. It is difficult at the best of times for businesses, to keep on top of this forever changing landscape. With these pressures, it is understandable that things get overlooked or put on hold, and quite often staff training ...
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