Supplier Security

Confidence in your cyber security is increasingly important to business, whether you are selling products or services, and whether you are selling to consumers or to other businesses.

People want reassurance that you are running a secure business.

They want to know that your supply chain is secure; they may ask you to meet certain security requirements before giving you work; they may demand that you have one or more of a range of security certifications.

Meeting your customers’ requirements

Whatever level of supplier security reassurance your customers are asking for, we can help.

  • We can help you become—and remain—certified, whether this is:
    • Cyber Essentials
    • Cyber Essentials+
    • ISO27001
    • and we can help you resolve any issues that a security audit raises.
  • If you need to complete a vendor assessment questionnaire—sometimes called a third-party assessment, or a supplier assessment—as part of a bid response, we can help.
  • And if you want to ensure that your supply chain is as secure as possible, and need to conduct supplier audits, we can help with that too.

Our supplier security subscription service

By signing up to our supplier security subscription service, you can call on our expert security consultants to help you with any of your supplier security challenges. For £200/month, you can contact us when you need help. You’ll get 3 hours of expert advice every month when you sign up; if you need more support, we will charge an additional £75/hour—but we will always agree this with you first.

Contact us now to talk to one of our expert consultants, to see if this service is right for you.